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Toothaches can be extremely painful, and they can be a result of several causes. At Eudoro Vallejo, we care about your oral health and overall comfort, which is why our dentist has taken the time and effort to learn how to treat your toothaches in Hackensack, New Jersey. If you experience dental pain, contact our office at 201-457-9595 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Eudoro Vallejo at your earliest convenience. We are here to keep your smile healthy!

A toothache is defined as pain around a tooth or multiple teeth. Many toothaches are caused by tooth decay and cavities, a cracked or chipped tooth, exposed tooth roots, and gum disease. Patients may also experience a range of pain, ranging from consistent and mild to severe. In many cases, the dental pain can make it difficult to chew and cause intense sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

With a toothache, there are several treatment options. Our dentist cares about preserving your natural teeth, so we will evaluate your condition to determine if treatments such as fillings, crowns, or root canals are appropriate. If not, our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction as a final option. Today, tooth extractions are more comfortable and pain-free than ever before. Prior to your extraction, our dentist will numb the affected area to ensure that you remain comfortable; our team will also monitor your condition during your treatment and take any precautions to make your treatment safe.

If you experience intense dental pain, we recommend that you visit the dentist right away. Doing so could help prevent further damage and provide quick relief to your discomfort. Call or visit us today for more information!

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