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Are you doing enough to care for your smile? Do you have preventive treatments in place to ensure that oral damage is minimized? Are you employing effective care to minimize the risks associated with oral accidents, injuries or any other potential risk factors in your life? Is your diet improved to the point that damage from the substances you eat is lessened? These questions and more should be considered to ensure that your oral health care remains at its peak levels.

Making sure that you minimize the risks in your life includes using oral appliances to keep your teeth and gums safe. Everything from a mouth guard to a face mask can help add an additional level of protection from accidents that can arise. Contact your dentist to determine which products will best suit your oral health care needs.

When assessing your diet, eliminate products that can easily damage your teeth and gums. Although we often think of sugars and other products that can cause cavities and dental erosion, it is also important to exercise caution with dietary products that can chip and crack your teeth or lacerate your gums. Be aware that hard products or anything that is too tough and chewy can damage your smile.

For additional help with your oral health care, regular visits to your dentist can prove are vital. If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a fantastic smile with our help, you can schedule an appointment with Eudoro Vallejo in Hackensack, New Jersey, by calling 201-457-9595. Dr. Eudoro Vallejo and the rest of our team look forward to enhancing your smile.