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Oral hygiene is essential for keeping your teeth and gums safe. Although brushing is one of the most effective methods for cleaning off your teeth and removing harmful acids and debris that may linger behind, brushes cannot clean between teeth. In order to accomplish this task, interdental cleaning tools such as a water flosser or dental floss will need to be used. Depending upon your oral health care needs, you can decide which one you would prefer.

Whereas dental floss consists of thread, a water flosser uses a steady beam of water. This can prove to be highly effective for individuals who struggle with the use of traditional thread. If you are getting older or your muscles have begun to deteriorate, a water flosser may be the preferred utensil choice. In addition, if you have tooth restorations in place that impede the progress of dental floss, it may be a good idea to instead go with a water flosser. Always look for water flossers that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance or have been approved by your dentist for use.

If you do decide to use dental floss, always look for floss that can easily clean between each and every tooth without shredding. Furthermore, look for products that are shred-resistant, so they do not tear. When using dental floss, try to focus on a section of floss that is roughly 20 inches in length so you can clean between each and every tooth without the risk of recontamination. Be sure to floss gently, so you do not lacerate your gums or potentially damage your tooth enamel.

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