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In order to ensure your smile gets the care it deserves, you will need to consistently employ effective oral hygiene routines that can clean all areas of your mouth. Beyond brushing and flossing, you may want to consider additional cleaning tools. One highly effective dental tool that you can use to help wash out your mouth is mouthwash.

Mouthwash is designed to remove debris from your mouth and help keep your breath fresh. However, whereas cosmetic mouthwash is merely designed to freshen your breath by masking the odors that produce bad breath, therapeutic mouthwash products can target and eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath. Furthermore, they can help reduce plaque, gingivitis and cavities. Therapeutic mouthwash can help reduce the speed that tartar builds up. Tartar is formed when plaque buildup in your mouth hardens over time due to a failure to remove it promptly. However, with the use of mouthwash, you can help slow the rate that it occurs, so it can be treated before it can cause harm. Mouthwash is also non-abrasive and can be safely used after meals when your teeth are extra sensitive due to the foods and drinks you have consumed.

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