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Moms-to-be have an added challenge when caring for your smile during pregnancy. Not only do your hormones make you more vulnerable to gum disease, but they also affect your unborn child. Women with gum disease have a bigger risk of having their baby prematurely. This can also result in a low birthweight for your baby, as gum disease has a direct effect on the fluids in your body which bring on labor.

Gum disease, or pregnancy gingivitis, is created when dental plaque builds up on teeth and irritate sensitive gum tissue. Your increased hormone levels directly affect how your gums respond to plaque buildup. Please come in for prompt treatment if you see these signs of gum disease: red, inflamed or bleeding gums.

At Eudoro Vallejo, we seek to help our patients in Hackensack, New Jersey, have a healthy pregnancy and oral health. If you are wanting to become pregnant, Dr. Eudoro Vallejo recommends having a complete dental checkup to treat any dental issues beforehand. When you are in your first trimester, we will want to avoid using X-rays, anesthesia, pain medications, or antibiotics unless necessary.

For a healthy smile and a healthy pregnancy, be sure to do the following:

— Brush at least twice a day and floss daily, paying close attention to the gumline.

— Now more than ever, limit sweets and stick to a balanced diet, including tooth-friendly foods. Incorporate cheese, yogurt, and milk and lean protein along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

— Staying well hydrated with plenty of water will help you avoid dry mouth. This protects gum health by ensuring healthy production of saliva.

Maintain regular dental checkups during your pregnancy, and let our dental team know that you are pregnant when you come in for treatment. Please call 201-457-9595 to schedule your next visit. We are excited to help you have a healthy smile and a healthy baby!