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Root canal treatment is a tooth-saving treatment that can preserve a tooth whose root or pulp has developed an infection resulting from an oral injury or cavity. Many people are wary of the idea of root canals because they have been told the procedure is painful or can result in sickness and full tooth replacement is an ideal method. Research has proven these rumors false, and modern technology and advancements have greatly improved the process and convenience of root canal treatment.

Dr. Eudoro Vallejo and our team are committed to helping our patients receive the comfort and restoration they need for healthy smiles. We can perform an important root canal procedure to preserve your tooth with the following steps:

– We can apply a local anesthetic to ensure your tooth remains comfortable during the procedure, and then place a rubber dental dam around the area so that the tooth stays clean and dry and clean throughout the root canal process.

– We then access the inner tooth area so that we can safely remove the diseased tooth pulp and clean and dry the tooth canal. Any lingering bacteria can be eliminated with an antimicrobial solution applied to the tooth.

– Typically, the tooth pulp is replaced with a rubber material called gutta percha that fills the chamber. We then cover the tooth with a temporary filling until you can receive a permanent dental crown that is custom shaped to match the original tooth. If needed, we can also place a post in the tooth chamber.

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