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Protecting your teeth from injury is an imperative at Eudoro Vallejo, and we understand that you’re not always going to be in our office. That’s why we, along with Dr. Eudoro Vallejo, have put together a list of hazards for your benefit. Read over this list and commit to shield your teeth by dodging any of these destructive habits:

You should never play a contact sport without a mouthguard. Physical contact can perform serious damage to your chompers.

Be careful when eating food while wearing mouth jewelry such as lip rings or tongue piercings.

Never open things with your chompers; always take the time to get the right tool for the job.

Smoking tobacco can lead to periodontal disease, as well as many other sicknesses for your body.

Chomping hard candies like lollipops can crack your pearly whites, so choose for softer foods.

Chewing on pen caps can destroy your pearly whites enamel; we’ve seen it lots of times.

Grinding teeth during sleep, referred to as bruxism, hurts both your sleep and your pearly whites; speak with us about a night guard if you believe you clench your teeth while sleeping.

Blindly chomping food without sifting through it for hard pieces like bones can result in a cracked tooth.

Spit out gum that you’ve chewed for sixty minutes or longer and replace it with a fresh piece if you want extra.

We hope this list has been beneficial to you. By practicing great dental habits, you can help your pearly whites last longer and shine brighter. If you’d like to set up a checkup with Dr. Eudoro Vallejo in our Hackensack, New Jersey, office, please call us at 201-457-9595 now.